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Location of the snowy Salkantay:

The Salkantay Route, also known as the "New Inca Trail", is located north of the city of Cusco, following the Cusco - Limatambo - Abancay - Lima highway, making a detour past Limatambo until reaching Mollepata.

Climate of the snowy Salkantay:

It is very sunny during the day, but a cold at night. The temperature falls below 0 ° C at night during the months of June to September. In the season from December to March is very rainy reason why it is not very advisable to go on these dates.
The best time for the weather, to do this walk is during the months of March to September.

Height of the walk to the snowy Salkantay

This trek reaches a height of 4,600 meters above sea level at its highest point this in the skirts of the same snowy Salkantay. Enter Snow Walk Ausangate 5D to perform this walk.

How to get to the snowy Salkantay

The buses from Cusco to Mollepata depart very early 4 Am to 5 Am and pass through Limatambo, from Mollepata is where the trek to the Salkantay peak begins, after climbing a step up it is possible to have an impressive pyramidal view of the Salkantay, one of the most beautiful snows of Cusco. From the same Mollepata it takes two days to go down to Huayllabamba and connect with the second day of the Inca Trail. To get to the snowy Salkantay it is advisable to take the services of our travel agency INTIPAKARINA TRAVEL since we have the necessary capacity to make your vacation come true.

What are you going to see on the road

On the way there are herds of cattle and sheep, orchids, bear with glasses, medicinal plants of the Inca eponca, small variety of birds, fruit trees such as Orange, Papaya, bananas, etc. Note: The eye of eyeglasses to see it you have to have a bit of luck.


It is very important that the traveler. Carry your original passport for the respective controls.